Learn how you can change society and build a sustainable future.
Share your skills while learning new ideas all for free.
Your participation is needed more now that we are facing a Trump future.
Join us in Taos, New Mexico this summer.



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We would love your participation this summer.
We are offering workshops in permaculture, organice gardening, vegan cooking, alternative energy, adobe brick making, community organizing, logic and patterns, consensus process, crafts and nature.


The principle purpose of the Food Not Bombs Free Skool is to strengthen the organizing skills of people volunteering in the peace, social justice and environmental movements. We invite you to share and seek knowledge in the areas of social change, economic justice, peace, generosity, diversity, responsibility and a sustainable future.

Flowers at harvest time.


Rainbow garden.

 Free classes include these topics: 
  • Analysis of current events and social issues
  • Community organizing
  • Strategies and methods for campaigns of nonviolent social change
  • Organic gardening and permaculture
  • Organizing cultural events in support of social change
  • Natural building
  • Wilderness skills
  • Creative writing, music, dance, painting, crafts, and self expression
  • Sustainable energy
  • Silk Screen Printing, puppet making and DIY skills
  • Cooking, baking and food preservation

    View our Solar Pump House Video
    OUR FIRST WEEK AT THE FREE SKOOL ( Spring 2013 video )

    Please print out our application, fill it out and mail it to us. This gives us an idea of how to schedule our workshops. You can contact the Food Not Bombs Free Skool by calling 1-800-884-1136 or emailing us at menu@foodnotbombs.net

    A bed of our chard, cabbage and spinach.

    Potato beds.

    Raised beds, tipi and veggie oil bus.

    If you wish to change the world The Food Not Bombs Free Skool is just the project for you. We have two week blocks of workshops that start on May 1, 2017 and run to the end of September 2017. The workshops are free. You can visit in the winter. We have several housing options. When you apply let us know what you need. You can live in the local National Forest for free unless there is a fire restriction. You can stay at the Snow Mansion in Arroyo Seco about 15 minutes from the Free Skool by car. You can also live on the land for only $25 a week. You would have to bring a tent or be prepared to live in the tipi. This year our days will start with yoga and breakfast. From Monday to Thursday we have out Food Not Lawns gardening workshop in the morning with two sets of workshops in the afternoon. Be prepared to work hard and have fun. Some times preparing the soil can require several hours of strenuous work. Please be prepared for the cold nights and blistering mid-day sun. We have work gloves but you may wish to bring your own and sturdy shoes or boots are really important if you wish to work in the garden. We have field trips and guest instructors on Friday. The Food Sharing workshop every Saturday and free time to explore the area on Sundays. There is an open mic at the Taos Inn every Monday and live music every night at several venues all within bicycle range. These are also great places to enjoy a beer or glass of wine. We ask you not to drink on our land so everyone can get the most from their participation. The Free Skool provides bikes for participants to travel into town which is a five to ten minute ride.

    Solar Pump House framed.


    Our plum trees.

    The Food Not Bombs Free Skool is smoking free but we do provide an area near the farm for people that need to smoke. We hope you understand that we need to respect the fresh, clean environment of our community and the health of all participants. The Pueblo does offer less expensive tobacco products and you can smoke away from the Food Not Bombs Free Skool as long as there are no fire restrictions. We also ask you to leave your pets at home. This is a rural farming area with lots of wildlife. We would be really upset if your pet was injured by the horses, cows, coyotes, owls or hawks that visit the neighborhood. Since Food Not Bombs s dedicated to nonviolence weapons are not to be brought on to the land.

    CLIMATE AT 7,000 FEET or 2,400 METERS HIGH
    The Food Not Bombs Free Skool is located in a pasture at 7,000 feet or 2,400 meters above sea level. It can be cold at night even in the summer so please bring a coat and wide brimmed hat. The sun is very bright in the days and being so high people can get a sun burn before they realize it. Please view the local weather report here. www.taosnews.com/ weather

    If you want us to pick you up in Santa Fe or Albuquerque please contact us with the date, time and location you wish us to meet you by emailing info@fnb-freeskool.org Airplanes and trains arrive at Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Greyhound comes to Albuquerque. We ask a $40 donation for each trip to cover the cost to the Free Skool. ( Trips to and from Albuquerque to Taos take over 6 hours to complete and round trip to Santa Fe is at least 4 hours.)

    Cooking a Free Skool breakfast.

    Working in the garden.

    Participants raising the tipi.

    A group of community activists working for social change came to the realization that we might be even more effective if we organized Food Not Bombs Free Skool to share knowledge and skills. Some of us had experience in music and cultural events, other wanted to encourage organic gardening and sustainable energy solutions yet others thought we could have more impact if we discussed the formation of more comprehensive organizing strategies. After some discussion we announced the creation of the Free Skool and picked a fertile piece of farm land with water in beautiful Taos, New Mexico as it's home.

    Yoga before breakfast

    Cooking on the tipi fire.

    The formation of the Free Skool in Taos, New Mexico

    The purpose for which we formed the Food Not Bombs Free Skool is to provide volunteer teachers and students with a place to learn about social change, economic justice, peace, generosity, diversity, responsibility and a sustainable future. This is a unique setting a bicycle ride from the center of Taos. The perfect place to seek solutions to the economic, political and environmental crisis of our time. Many of those involved in this project have direct experience volunteering with grassroots groups organaizing for social change, community garden projects and cultural programs from all corners of the world. The ideas and skills shared at the Free Skool are avalible for free in print, on audio and video media and on the web.

    Free Skool Library

    Unloading manure for the 2013 garden

    Dan The Pandarchist

    The Food Not Bombs Free Skool is located in the San Luis Valley a short bike ride from the center of Taos, New Mexico. While participating at the Food Not Bombs Free Skool you will have time to visit places like the 1000 year old Taos Pueblo, the Earthships, art museums, Lama and the Ashram where Ram Das wrote Be Here Now, the H.D. Lawrence Ranch and the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. You can also soak in the natural hot springs, take hikes in New Mexico's highest mountains and raft down the canyons of the Rio Grande. You can also enjoy puppet shows, art festivals, the Taos Solarfest, open mic at the Taos Inn and live music every week at the Taos Plaza. Visit these links and learn more about the wonderful things Taos has to offer. Your time at the Food Not Bombs Free Skool will be so much more than workshops and classes, it may change your life.

    The Autonomous Playhouse with Dan The Pandarchist
    The new Rio Grande del Norte National Monument
    Mabel Dodge Luhan
    Taos Earthship Intern Program
    The Historic Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
    The Taos Pueblo - A 1000 years of community
    The Carson National Forest
    D.H. Lawrence Home
    The Lama Foundation
    Taos Art Colony

    The harvest has started.

    Sharing the harvest.

    Find out more about the suggested areas of study. Contact us at info@fnb-freeskool.org for directions to the pasture.

    The Food Not Bombs Free Skool is a proud member of Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA and welcomes all WWOOFers to participate.
    VISIT US AT wwoofusa.org - Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA

    Enjoying a party on the bus.

    Working into the evening.

    The first kale

    Please consider handing these flyers out to people you feel might want to participate.

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